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  • China

    'China Women and Children and children Charity Award' for the Happy Centres

    On 8th April 2017, the charity of the China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation was awarded with the "China Women and Children Charity Award" for 2015-2016. Since 2015, the support of the Carrefour Foundation has enabled 4 Happy Centres to open in order to fight malnutrition and school... Read more

  • Belgium

    2nd edition of the "Solidarity Clic" in Belgium !

    In 2014, the Carrefour Foundation and the Belgian Federation of Food Banks launched the "Solidarity Clic", enabling and enhancing the development of local collaborations to collect unsold articles at supermarkets and stores. Thanks to this first edition, many new local parternship between associations... Read more

  • Italy

    Successful workshop on developing food banks with FEBA

    From 3-6 October 2016, Carrefour Foundation sponsored a 4-day workshop for members of the European Federation of Food Banks. The workshop ended today, and provided participants with an A to Z breakdown on how to develop and manage a food bank. 18 food bank representatives attended from more than 12 European... Read more

  • France

    Launch of the 14th AGORAé!

    The Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes (FAGE), which is an umbrella organisation for 2000 student groups in France, launched its “AGORAé” system in 2011 to develop a national network of social grocery stores specially targeted at students. The... Read more

  • Poland

    Donation for the Federation of Polish Food Banks

    On September 7th, the President of Carrefour Poland, Guillaume de Colonges, delivered a symbolic check for €125,000 to Marek Borowski, president of the Federation of Polish Food Banks. This amount, funded by the Carrefour Foundation, will be used to purchase 7 refrigerated trucks in order to... Read more

  • Brazil

    Jérôme Bédier visits RefettoRIO during his stay in Brazil

    During his stay in Brazil in August, Jérôme Bédier, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Carrefour and President of the Foundation Carrefour, visited the RefettoRIO project, carried by Gastromotiva and supported by the Foundation through a financial donation of 110 000 euros. He... Read more

  • China

    Carrefour China: 20th anniversary and annual CSR Report

    On the occassion of its 20th anniversary, Carrefour China organized a series of activities including nationwide relay race and "20 most beautiful stores" but also seized the opportunity to release its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report which looks back on 20 years of development... Read more