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Jun. 2012
Oct. 2015
€80 000
grant from the Carrefour Foundation in 2014
€99 158
grant from the Carrefour Foundation in 2013

Play International - Preventing childhood obesity

Play International is a member of the non-profit association Groupe SOS and runs national and international development programmes for those in difficulties, especially teenagers and children, mostly through education and socialisation.

A study carried out by CRÉDOC (the French Living Conditions Observation and Research Centre) in 2011 shows that nearly one out of every five children is obese or overweight and that the key health messages developed over the last few years are less effective than they used to be. This is why Sport Sans Frontières has developed a series of enjoyable awareness raising activities based on games and physical activity.

In 2012 the association created a novel “Playdagogical Kit" for primary school teachers and  instructors to raise children's awareness about healthy eating and the need for a balanced diet. In particular the kit includes practical worksheets with 12 to 18 sessions on a range of topics  (e.g. where foods come from, food families, the meaning of moderation, etc.).

Since begining of the program, 40,000 children were impacted, 2000 teachers, educators and facilitators were mobilized and trained to improve their skills in the implementation of the program.

Next objectives:

  • Develop, produce and distribute more kits
  • Develop a digital platform for training distantiel teachers, educators and facilitators
  • Commercialize tools via an online shop
  • Animate the network and institutionalize the program
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