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"Young Apprentice" Programme


In order to help young people find a career and to train future skilled workers, in line with the country’s Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Act, Carrefour Brazil’s Young Apprentice programme offers 1400 job opportunities every year for young people aged 14 -18.

The programme is being run nationally in partnership with the SENAC teaching centre. Each young person is assigned to a tutor working within the same establishment. Selected from management, these tutors are given training on how to mentor the apprentices. They follow their training on a daily basis and make sure that the trainee’s personal and professional development plan is managed properly. Because trainees’ parents are also important partners in their development, Carrefour Brazil holds information sessions to inform families about the rights and duties of the young.

Each trainee is given a “training passport” outlining the principal programme elements and the behaviour expected in the workplace. Trainees also receive a special uniform and access to the Social Responsibility service, should questions arise, or if they have comments or criticisms to pass on.

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