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Water sanitation in rural schools with APAER


The civil Association of Student Mentors and Rural Schools (APAER) was created in 1982 to support the development of public schools in isolated areas in Argentina. The charity seeks to fight against absenteeism and supports children until the end of their mandatory schooling.

Each year, 400 million children are suffering from infections caused by intestinal worms that adversely affect their learning skills. Diarrhea, a symptom of malnutrition and dehydration, is a frequent cause of absenteeism and represents the second cause of death among children under 5. In Argentina, about 16% of the population does not have access to drinking water and kids are the most vulnerable.

To address this issue, APAER is installing water filters in rural schools to purify well water and rainwater with the “Agua Segura” (safe water) program. This technique is filtering 12 liters of water per hour and kills 99,999% of bacteria, virus, parasites and other contaminants. The water has then optimum conditions for human consumption according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Since 2015, the “Agua Segura” program enabled to 460 rural schools in the country to be equipped with the “Lifestraw” system that benefits 34 000 children.

The project includes also school trainings on the water cycle, resource conservation, hygiene, and scientific workshops to make students aware of the importance of clean water and good hygiene practices.

The Carrefour Foundation will finance the installation of the filtering system in 20 rural schools in the country, to ensure the provision of potable water for 5 years to more than 2000 pupils and their professors.

Besides, Carrefour Argentina is a partner of the charity since 2003 thanks to the sponsorship of around 20 scholarships per year for unprivileged children.

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