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Jan. 2008
Dec. 2013
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€88 856
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€120 644
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Training in the French bakery trade for disadvantaged youth

The Carrefour Foundation supports institutions that train, prepare and accompany young talents on their path to employment. The “Shanghai Young Bakers” programme illustrates this commitment.

This programme was launched in 2008 with the Chi Heng Foundation and members of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. It offers young Chinese aged 17 - 23 years block-release training in the French bakery trade. The “Shanghai Young Bakers” programme fosters the social integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by offering them opportunities to find employment in the highly regarded food trade in China.

Around 100 young people have already been trained with support from the Carrefour Foundation, which has been the programme's main sponsor since it started. Carrefour hypermarkets in China are also helping to make the programme a success, by offering these young apprentices internships in the bakery departments of their stores. This is an opportunity to learn a highly skilled trade and to make it easier for them to enter the world of commerce.

As part of the program “Shanghai Young Bakers”, two pupils, Zhang and Jin were selected for one year of training in the bakery and pastry trades in France. The program will include 2 months in a language school to improve their french and 7 months in a training centre to obtain a certificate and thus to become professor at SYB in China.

In June, pupils visited the newly-opened Carrefour supermarket at Villeneuve-la-Garenne in company with the supermarket director and the person in charge of the bakery department in order to discover the kitchens behind the bakery and pastry counters.

When i think about the incredible change of direction in my life, I realise that "Shanghai Young Bakers" gave me first-class technical skills. I am proud and happy to have become a pastry chef. This experience also gave me the chance to share with young people like myslef, from all over China, who taught me a lot. I also realised that success in life is more than just a matter of money !

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