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Toy collection in Carrefour hypermarkets


On Wednesday 19 and Saturday, 22 November 2014, a major second-hand toy collection is being held in more than 60 Carrefour hypermarkets, in partnership with Eco-systèmes. Volunteers from Unis-Cité and the Emmaüs association have been tasked by the environmental organisation with collecting toys in stores, thus giving them a second life in the hands of children who are less well off.

Children grow up and develop. Gradually, they become less interested in their toys, leaving them in cupboards and lofts. Many are in good condition and still able to give pleasure to other children. Through this scheme, people can take toys in good condition to their local Carrefour and give them to the volunteers who will have a stand at each store entrance.

All of the toys collected by Eco-systèmes, together with the Emmaüs and Unis-Cité associations, will be repaired (if necessary) before being distributed to families or resold at welfare prices at Emmaüs. Through this scheme, toys can be recycled intelligently in a way that helps those in need and prevents waste.

In 2013, 500 trolleys of toys were collected in Carrefour stores through this scheme.




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