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The Theodora Foundation visits Carrefour

In recognition of the collaboration of the Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation as the benefactor of this project, the Theodora Foundation wanted to congratulate us in a very special way.

On Thursday 20 December, several Doctores Sonrisa (Smile Doctors) personally visited each of the head offices of Carrefour in Spain to wish us a Happy Christmas and thank Carrefour for its collaboration in helping many sick children in hospital.

The smile doctors are very special, they are graduates from “hahaharvard” University and specialise in bringing emergency laughs to thousands of seriously ill children who have to spend long periods in hospital.

They are true doctors of the soul, who work neck to neck with the medical teams of the principal hospitals throughout Spain, cheering up the children and giving them the strength and energy they desperately need to combat their illness.
Thus, among other things, they have succeeded in setting up in these hospitals a surgical assistance protocol in order to reduce stress in these children who are going to undergo operations, thereby encouraging their speedier recovery.

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