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Nov. 2013
Dec. 2014
€93 205
grant from the Foundation in 2013
Crésus Foundation

A teaching kit on budgeting and healthy eating


How to manage your budget and keep to a healthy diet? In attempt to offer a solution, the Carrefour Foundation has decided to play along with the Fédération Crésus. With the Foundation’s financial support Fédération Crésus is developing a tool to teach about budgeting and healthy eating, based on a board game entitled “Dilemma”, which is due to come out at the end of this year.

The raison d’être of Fédération Crésus is very simple: to prevent and tackle the problems of over-indebtedness and financial exclusion. In terms of prevention, the “Dilemma” board game should enable Crésus to raise the awareness of a very wide cross-section of the general public about the problems of managing a budget – especially the food bill – as well as the related issues of healthy eating.

“Dilemma” is a user-friendly, fun and educational tool designed especially to help teenagers and those at risk in their everyday lives, accompanying them on the path to independence, while passing on some tips about healthy eating practices. And nutritionists and experts from the Carrefour Group will be helping with the game’s design.

There will be three versions of “Dilemma”– one for children, one for teenagers and another for adults – aimed at delivering the right messages for each sector of the target population. An electronic version for tablets and smartphones will soon be available online for download. Meanwhile, a traditional version in a cardboard box will be available for institutions and associations working against exclusion, for schools and colleges, and for the general public as family packs given out in the Carrefour stores during the Christmas period.

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