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Some Figures
Jan. 2017
Dec. 2018
€79 310
Funding from the Carrefour Foundation
meals a day
53 tons
of unsold food products transformed per year
Red Cross

Taiwan's first kitchen fighting against food waste with the Red Cross

In partnership with the Taiwan Red Cross, the Carrefour Foundation is participating in a project’s elaboration for the first kitchen of this kind. 


The aim of the Taichung (meaning “center of Taiwan”) Red Cross, funded in 1965, is to fight against hunger and poverty by providing food assistance and equipment as well as a psychosocial support to deprived families.

Located in Taichung, this kitchen aims to fight against food waste while fighting exclusion, turning unsold food into healthy meals for disadvantaged people. 1/3 of the food production for human consumption is wasted, while many vulnerable people do not have access to such resources.

The Carrefour Foundation is funding the project up to €79,310, in order to equip this antigaspi kitchen with necessary material. The unsold food comes from nearby supermarkets, and allows the association to prepare 350 meals a day

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