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Oct. 2014
Oct. 2015
€23 400
dotation from the Carrefour Foundation in 2014

Support to Street children in Bucharest, Romania with Parada Foundation

Created in 1996, the Parada Foundation aims at supporting “street children” living in Bucharest, by helping them find a place in the society.

To do so, the charity organizes food collections, manages a day center, provides education services and psychosocial assistance, organizes an artistic project and develops orientation, training and professional insertion programs for the beneficiaries. The Parada Foundation is part of several national and international networks and is a partner of the Romanian Samusocial and Workshops without borders to support homeless people. 

The program has two main objectives:

1) Facilitate contacts to establish a trust-based relationship with street children and homeless people families.

2) Ensure at least minimum subsistence needs for the babies and children to grow normally.

What is more, by providing regular food assistance, Parada aims at encouraging long-term projects such as reintegration into school.

In 2014, the first pilot project enabled to distribute 50 food packages to twenty families and proved that the program worked and fought against children malnutrition as well as preventing families to split. Thanks to the Carrefour Foundation support, 100 families and 250 children will benefit from this program in 2015.

The project received the support from Carrefour Romania who gave clothes and hygiene products for a total of €3000 to the charity in 2015.

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