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Jan. 2015
Jan. 2015
€372 000
raised in 2014

Support for the Secours Populaire Français

Offer children a holiday while doing your grocery shopping during the 10th annual Tinned Foods Fair being held in Carrefour hypermarkets and Carrefour Market supermarkets at the start of the year. As of 13 January 2015, Carrefour and its partner brands* have agreed to contribute 7% of their revenues generated by the sale of tinned foods. This campaign will give a large number of children an opportunity to enjoy a one-day holiday.

For the tenth consecutive year, Carrefour welcomes the Tinned Foods Fair to its Carrefour hypermarkets from 13 through 21 January 2015 and its Carrefour Market supermarkets from 2 January through 4 February 2015. During the campaign, the company invites its customers to make a gesture of solidarity during their shopping. Carrefour and twelve national brands* are participating in this event designed to offer a special day to children from disadvantaged families termed Les oubliés des vacances (children left behind when others go on holiday).

For this 10th annual campaign, the participants are making a special effort: for each product sold, 7% of the sales amount will be donated to Les oubliés des vacances, versus 5% in previous years. The donation was increased to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Secours Popular.

An overwhelming success: over 30,000 children have enjoyed an unforgettable special day since the campaign’s inception!

Over a 10-year period, this campaign held in Carrefour stores – with its slogan “Buy tinned foods and offer children a holiday!” – has raised 2.3 million euros for the Secours Populaire. In France, one out of every three children does not go on holiday. Thanks to this campaign with its magnificent outburst of solidarity, more than 30,000 children from socio-economically disadvantaged families have been able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday together since its inception. In 2014, this solidarity action succeeded in raising €372,000 for the Secours Populaire.

Carrefour and the Secours Populaire: a lasting partnership 

Carrefour has been a partner of the Secours Populaire since 1998.  The banner’s commitment to the NPO takes the form of numerous food and material donations made throughout the year.


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