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Some Figures
Jan. 2011
Jun. 2015
€35 000
grant from the Foundation in 2014
€12 000
grant from the Foundation in 2013
€49 000
grant from the Foundation in 2012
Secours Populaire

Support to the Secours Populaire

Following on from an initial collaboration in 2011, the Carrefour Foundation renewed its support for the French non-profit organisation, Secours Populaire, every year. They continue to work by collecting foods from stores and distributing them to those in need. The Foundation also financed the purchase of refrigerated trucks and the installation of cold stores in the regional branches of Secours Populaire in the Loiret, Corbeil-Essonnes and Marne departments. This equipment and infrastructure is essential to ensure that the food program functions efficiently and to comply with safety norms. About 18 200 people have benefited from this operation. In 2014, the Foundation cofinanced two refrigerated trucks for theSecours Populaire of Oise and Essonne.

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