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Dec. 2014
Dec. 2014
€100 000
donation of the Carrefour Foundation

Support “Restos du Cœur” for a more caring Christmas


So that the neediest can enjoy a meal and festive products, 100 Carrefour hypermarkets are holding the first "Christmas for everyone" campaign between 1 and 14 December 2014.

As part of this major campaign, customers will be able to donate to Restos du Cœur when they pay for their shopping at the checkout. And at the same time, the Carrefour Foundation is donating €100,000 to "Bébés du Cœur”, an organisation that distributes baby milk and toddler milk to disadvantaged families.

A fundraising campaign in 100 hypermarkets until 14 December

During the festive period, the retailer will be doing its bit by supporting the Restos du Cœur. From 1 to 14 December, 100 Carrefour stores across France will be involved in the "Christmas for everyone" campaign. It will involve special coupons being given out to customers in stores so that they can take part in the campaign. Once they get to the checkout, all they have to do is specify how much they want to donate, the minimum being €1. The money they donate will go directly to local branches of the Restos du Cœur where they will be used to fund Christmas meals or other festive products for the association's beneficiaries.

Baby milk for 14,000 babies

The Carrefour Foundation is supplementing customers' donations, giving €100,000 to the association to help finance its "Bébés du cœur" project. This project supports parents and future parents, providing them with food products that are suitable for babies and young children. Throughout the Christmas period, this donation will be used to provide the parents of 14,000 babies with toddlers’ milk – the equivalent of 28,000 units given away per month via the Restos du Coeur.

Daily support throughout the year

Carrefour’s support for local branches of the Restos du cœur is part of the retailer's nationwide partnership with the association... a partnership which will continue into the New Year and beyond. Every day, the association's lorries pick up goods from Carrefour stores and then redistribute them through its networks. In 2013, Carrefour donated the equivalent of 68 million meals to charities

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