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Oct. 2017
Oct. 2018
€1 million
Annual fund for Biodiversity programs
€186 000
Funding of Carrefour Foundation
plant resources
Kaol Kozh

Support to Kaol Kozh association to promote biodiversity and food quality

There is a real threat of erosion and privatization of cultivated biodiversity. Indeed, 97% of fruits and vegetables have disappeared from supermarkets shelves and since 1981, it is forbidden to sell   some farming seeds in France because they are not registered in the official catalogue. The law forbids farmers to sell their seeds and this restriction is a major obstacle to biodiversity, when 90% of the cultivable varieties have disappeared in the 20th century (source: FAO). Carrefour aims to participate to the review of the law, through a petition accessible online since the 20 of September 2017 (for more information, please go to : http://www.carrefour.com/news-releases/carrefour-creates-the-forbidden-market-a-fight-for-food-quality-and-biodiversity)


Furthermore, in addition to the involvement of the group Carrefour and through the Biodiversity program, the Carrefour Foundation is supporting the charity “Kaol Kozh”, which means “old cabbage” in the Breton language. The latter,, created in 2007 and based in Brittany, aims to develop biodiversity in the region, through a range of actions including census and preservation of plant populations (food, cereal and forage plants). The association has also the aim of increasing public awareness of the diversity of vegetal products, as well as having   a key role with European and national authorities concerning seeds and the variety for organic farming.

The support of the Carrefour Foundation will contribute to the establishment of “A house of farmers’ seeds” which will conduct research on 450 plant resources and to raise awareness campaigns for school groups, gardeners, consumers, collectivities, institutions or producers about the farmer’s seeds topic.


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