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Dec. 2017
Dec. 2017
Grant from the Carrefour Foundation in 2017

Support to the job creation kitchens of « Les Restos du Cœur »


Founded in 1985 by Coluche, “les Restos du Coeur” aims at helping and supporting deprived people, especially through food assistance by giving free meals.

“Les Restos du Cœur” created 8 job creation kitchens on the French territory in order to address 3 major issues: provide a high-quality, diversified and healthy food aid to people precarious situations; promote the professional integration for people far from employment; promote and secure the respect of the hygiene and food safety rules.

The Carrefour Foundation is participating to the funding of the 8 kitchens support. Indeed, the charity wants to upgrade 3 kitchens in order to receive more donations and train technical supervisors to appropriate hygiene requirements. The objective is to collect 315 tons of unsold food products during the year, including 10 tons of meat.

Besides, the kitchen in Clermond Ferrand counts 12 reintegrated employees that are cooking the collected food donations. The funding of the Carrefour Foundation will participate in its development in order for 200 meals to be cooked for homeless people each evening. The team will be able to manage the quantity in function of the needs thanks to the vacuum technique which enable to increase the use-by date.

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