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Some Figures
Jan. 2017
Dec. 2018
€ 100 000
Grant from the Carrefour Foundation since 2017

Students from the 2nd chance Schools involved in solidarity food programmes

The network of the 2nd Change Schools (“Ecoles de la 2ème chance en français) is supporting 53 French school to develop best practices and education, to enhance socio-professional integration and citizenship practices of young adults without academic background or job. This NGO works at tackling unemployment amongst youth (15 – 24 years old) whose rate is extremely above national mean (insee: 24.2% in 2016).

These Schools provide trainings in French, mathematics and IT, and offer the opportunity to discover a job through an individual accompaniment and a part-time work experience in a partner company. They have a 60% positive outcomes in cities.

The Carrefour Foundation supports this initiative in 2017 by a call for pedagogic projects on solidarity food programs. Tackling food waste, helping deprived and underprivileged people, or developing urban agriculture are many themes that can be potential winners, which will be granted up to 7 000€.

A recipe book as already been released thanks to this call for projects. Carrefour Dunkerque also challenged the Opal Coast school, in Northern France, to give "a second chance in our plate". 10 workshops has been implemented to create delicious recipes from unsold food products. Interns have also taken part to the conception of 10 video clip illustrating these recipes.

In 2018, the Foundation decided to participate once again in the call for educational projects launched to all the schools in the network. The projects presented by the schools were very innovative and seven were selected this year.



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