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Feb. 2018
Feb. 2018
€47 475
Collected during the Melanas Poderosas campaign

In Spain, Carrefour supports the fight against cancer

Carrefour Spain and Ausonia donate €47,475 to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, AECC, for the purchase of wigs for patients who have lost their hair during treatment

Carrefour Spain, through its Foundation, and Ausonia have donated €47,475 to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) to purchase good quality wigs for people who have lost their hair as a result of treatment and lack sufficient financial resources to obtain one.

During the #Melenas Poderosas (Powerful Heads of Hair) campaign, Carrefour Spain and Ausonia asked members of the public to participate actively by donating their hair to the AECC. In appreciation of this gesture, both companies promised to donate a wig for each donation of hair received during the campaign.


Additionally, people who did not meet the AECC’s requirements for hair donation but still wished to take part in the awareness-raising campaign were able to share testimonials and messages of support for people who are currently fighting this battle. To show their appreciation, Carrefour and Ausonia donated another wig to the AECC for each 200 messages of support received.

It is fundamental for the corporate sector to play an active part in the fight against cancer. Without its participation, it will be more difficult to be efficient and combat the disease because cancer, due to its complexity, needs everyone’s support. One example is the involvement of Carrefour and Ausonia. Thanks to this project, they have shown that the company can improve the lives of thousands of people living with cancer

Active participation and commitment were demonstrated by employees from both companies, as well as members of the public who wanted to join this campaign.                                                                                                                                   

 “The Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation would like to thank and acknowledge the generosity of all of the people, customers and employees who participated in this project. We are delighted to have been able to contribute in some way to improving the quality of life of patients suffering the significant impact of loss of their hair”, affirmed the Director of the Carrefour Solidarity Foundation, María Cid.


For their part, the Director of Ausonia for the Iberian Peninsula, Ricardo Carrasquinho, added that, “At Ausonia, we are very proud to continue working with Carrefour to assist women living with breast cancer. The #Melenaspoderosas campaign is a fine example of what we can achieve together to contribute to improving these women’s lives. In addition to this collaboration, Ausonia has been involved in a campaign to finance AECC Scientific Foundation research projects into breast cancer for 10 years.

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