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Dec. 2013
Dec. 2014
€111 000
grant for SOS Children's Village
SOS Villages d'Enfants

SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines

In addition to its own donation to SOS Children's Villages, Carrefour is appealing to the generosity of its customers, asking them to scan vouchers worth €1, €3 or €5 or transfer money directly to the organisation's account. Proceeds from this campaign will be used for emergency aid, temporary shelter for children and then later on, for reconstruction work.

Carrefour has not been unmoved by the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan. The company has therefore decided to launch a major campaign as the year comes to an end for its victims – particularly for those who are most vulnerable: the children. To get it under way, Carrefour has decided to join forces with SOS Children's Villages, an association that has been working for more than 45 years in the Philippines. It now has 8 children’s villages, manages 11 programmes designed to strengthen families and runs a number of schools, as well as several other projects, particularly in the regions of Tacloban and Calbayog which have been the most seriously affected.

“The Tacloban SOS Children's Village was a new centre for 120 orphans. This village has sustained severe damage. SOS children and mothers had to be evacuated to other children's villages elsewhere in the country. Fortunately, all the children are safe and sound. In the short term, the family houses will need to be rebuilt. So we are very grateful for all of the support that Carrefour and its customers have provided”, says Hilde Boeykens, general manager of SOS Children's Villages.

Proceeds from the campaign will be used for reconstruction work, as well as for direct aid. As well as distributing food, water and blankets for the families affected by the disaster, the organisation has set up areas for children where parents can drop them off for the day while they get on with rebuilding their homes or putting their lives back together.

"After the initial campaign with SOS Children's Villages at the start of the year, we answered their appeal for help for the Philippines. We have been very affected by the situation over there, particularly as far as the children are concerned, and are very happy to be able to contribute to emergency aid and help with the actual reconstruction of the Tacloban SOS Children's Village, which was severely affected by the disaster”

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