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Sep. 2007
Dec. 2018
646 640 €
Grant from the Foundation Carrefour since 2008
beneficiaries per year
Samusocial International

Samusocial din Romania


“Samusocial din Romania” is an accredited NGO under Romanian law, affiliated with the Samusocial international network. Since 2004 it has cared for over 4400 homeless people, offering them social services (especially meals), as well as medical and psychological support. Its work includes emergency interventions on the street, on the one hand, and longer-term support to help individuals to find work and rejoin society, on the other.

The Carrefour Foundation has actively been supporting “Samusocial din Romania” since 2007. In 2016, this partnership was renewed once again.

The funds allocated by the Foundation and Carrefour Romania help the association to carry out these two tasks on a daily basis, distributing ever more meals (with the target of 14 000 meals and parcel already passed in 2013) and by increasing the number of potential beneficiaries of its services, notably in the form of personal hygiene, social support and above all, jobs. These are all areas in which the Foundation has considerable experience and is able to put it into practice here in a very concrete way.


In 2016,  a medical-psychological and social centre was created to offer a comprehensive help to the beneficiaries and accompagny them during their reintegration process. Thanks to the Foundation's support, 3 Mobile Emergency Teams  help orient the homeless towards specialized structures such as the Samusocial in order for them to benefit from free medical consultations, legal advice or interviews with social helpers.

A specific accompaniement is also available for homeless families living in the street with babies or young children. Thanks to this program, 130 children have been welcomed since the service was created. Moreover, 1 500 people in need are accompagnied by theses teams and facilities on average per year.

In 2018, the Carrefour Fondation supports "Samusocial din Romania" again to welcome 1700 beneficiaries per year.

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