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Oct. 2014
Oct. 2015
€40 000
grant from the Foundation in 2014

Grant of food for children and babies


The concept behind the Restos du Cœur was developed in 1985 by French comedian and actor Coluche. It is a voluntary association in the public interest set up to “help disadvantaged people and provide them with support. It does this in particular by giving them access to free meals, providing them with financial support and by helping them to reintegrate into society, as well as by deploying other initiatives to tackle poverty in all its forms.”

In 2013-2014, a third of the people received by the Restos du Coeur were disadvantaged people, often single parents. This is why the Restos du Coeur created structures specifically adapted to answer the difficulties of parents and future parents. 86 Restos Bébés du Cœur are spread across the country and are places of welcome, exchange and essential to take out the parents and their children of isolation.

Last year, it is about 40 000 old babies from 7 days to 18 months which were welcomed and helped by the volunteers in these structures.

The Carrefour foundation objective is to fight against food precariousness and to raise awareness among fragile public in food, nutrition and health wished to bring its financial support in order that the association provides in small jars and in nutritional milk.

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