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Renovation of the Fourvière Basilica restaurant


The Fourvière Basilica in Lyon welcomes 2.5 million visitors each year and organizes tourist and cultural activities. Since 1998, the Fourvière Foundation has ensured its sustainability and maintains it the way it is. At the same time, the foundation has developed a social project for the professional integration of young people in difficulty.

In 2015 began the renovations of the basilica. Classified as a Historical Monument, “la Maison des Chapelains” is the building associated with the site of Fourvière which has been designated to host the student and young workers home, as well as a 100 covers restaurant. Their partner "Les Apprentis d'Auteuil" will be in charge of the management and training of the restaurant, with 20 young people in training.

With social support (housing, health, budget management), young people will have to sign a promise of employment with a company, bringing the rate of professional integration and success to more than 80%.

The Fourvière Basilica of is a prestigious setting for the realization of an insertion programme, and the Carrefour Foundation supports the project to the tune of € 100,000.


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