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Some Figures
Aug. 2016
Dec. 2018
Over 500 000 euros
donated by Carrefour Foundation in all
of food saved in 2017
63 450
meals distributed in 2017
21 150
people trained

Refettorio Gastromotiva: fighting food-waste

Carrefour and its Foundation, sponsors of an integration and anti-waste restaurant opened in Rio for the Olympic Games

On August 9th, Refettorio Gastromotiva opened its doors on the occasion of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. The idea? Use the opportunity of the Olympics as a means to launch an innovative project to promote social integration.
Refettorio is a restaurant designed to distribute free meals to vulnerable and underpriviledged populations in Rio during the Olympic season. The meals will be created using surplus food from restaurants in the Olympic village and short-dated products withdrawn from Carrefour store shelves.
A number of renowned international chefs will be working in the kitchen starting August 9th: Alain Ducasse, Claude and Thomas Troisgros and Massimo Bottura, whose restaurant was distinguished "Best Restaurant in the World"! In 2015, he created an anti-waste restaurant at the universal exhibition in Milan. Building on the success of this first project, the experiment has been brought to Brazil by Food for Soul (Bottura's association), Gastromotiva, Carrefour and its Foundation.
Since the launch of the project, 4 200 meals have been served, to over 140 people daily! Which means more than 6 000 kilos of food was used instead of wasted and thrown away!

At the end of the Olympics, Gastromotiva reinvented the concept and adopted a different approach. After a donation of over €160,000 to Gastromotiva to consolidate its culinary training programme and promote entrepreneurship among students, the Carrefour Foundation released additional grants to enable the association to develop the “Refettorio Gastromotiva” restaurant and transform it into a permanent training center and cooking school to train talented people from favelas to the food and catering trade.

Gastronomy is a powerful vehicle for social change. For the first time in their lives, young people living in underprivileged communities have access to free vocational training. They can start to dream again.

Jérôme Bédier, Chairman of the Carrefour Foundation, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary of the Carrefour Group, visited the project during the month of August and met with David Hertz, founder of Gastromotiva, with the Carrefour volunteers and with the team of chefs cooking in the restaurant. He also got the opportunity to taste a few of the dishes prepared with surplus food.

The 2018 grant from the Foundation will support Refettorio's development, new training courses in butchery/bakery/fishmonger trades, microentrepreneurship and a web platform. On Monday July 9, the first Gastromotiva Innovation Laboratory was opened in Rio, a space dedicated to research and creation of zero-waste recipes. A product line elaborated in this lab will be soon sell in nearby Carrefour stores.

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