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Reducing school drop-out by traineeships with Schools of Production

The Carrefour foundation supports the "Schools of Production" and their project of reducing early school leaving by the training in the catering trade of teenagers

In France, as many as 140 000 students drop out of school every year. As part of its core missions, the Carrefour Foundation aims at reducing this alarming rate by helping associations such as School of Production train these students to become professionnals in the food and catering trades.Thus, the School of Production is adressing the issue and remedying this complex situation by creating a new pedagogical and academic system, with a very innovative aspect based on the balance between theory and practice.

Teenagers age 14 to 16 years old in situation of early school drop-out are invited to undergo training courses in manual jobs in the sectors of construction, food and catering trades. The added value of the project rests on an innovative way of teaching and learning, which values work and production of concrete results and the theoretical courses are directly linked to the practical activities. Last but not least, the program empowers and provides greater autonomy to the students since the activities aren' exercices, they must take actual customer's orders in the restaurant and prepare high quality dishes and provide professionnal service. No more grades in the Schools of Production! 

Since their creation, there have been more than 636 students and 3 schools specialized in food and catering trades. Thanks to their original and innovative method, the Schools of Production present a rate of insertion after the program close to 100 %! The alliance of professional activity (2/3 of the time) and theoretical education prepares students for exams such as a CAP, with 93 % of success, numerous medals of Better Apprentices of France. The Carrefour Foundation is proud support this project, which perfecty links school and businesses by financing part of the budget of the school of Roche-sur-Yon and that of Rouen.

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