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Dec. 2016
Dec. 2016
Granted by the foundation in 2018
€ 3.000
Granted by the foundation in 2016
Red Cross

The Red Cross and the Carrefour Foundation work together to offer food assistance to vulnerable people


The Red Cross was declared of public utility in 1945 and works with the public sector during its humanitarian missions. In particular The Red-Cross steps in during catastrophic events, when logistic and human needs are required. The charity also works for food assistance for people in the most vulnerable situations.


In 2016, the Carrefour Foundation and the Red Cross are partners for a new project, and thanks to the Foundation's €3000 funding, the canteen "Le Repas" in Troyes is equipped with a new cold room. This project of a solidarity canteen was born because of the fact that despite the food vouchers, it remains difficult for some precarious people to cook and prepare healthy dishes (because of the lack of means, access to electricity, water or gas, etc.).

The cold room allows the Red Cross and families without resources based in Troyes to share meals in a convivial place, where it is also possible to ask for social and sanitary support (orientation, tests, information requests...).


In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation supported the regional office of Laon by co-financing a truck to collect donations from supermarkets.


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