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Some Figures
Aug. 2016
Aug. 2019
253 000€
Grant from the Carrefour Foundation
50 partnerships
in the next three years
China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF)

Project "One Store, One School, One Farm"

Project "One Store, One School, One Farm" to raise awareness of a healthy and balanced diet.

China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) is a recognized and award-winning network in China, whose mission is to promote the social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The association helps them to find an employment prospect, and educates young people about environmental protection, education, health issues and the civic service.

The project "One Store, One School, One Farm" aims to bring together three structures close to each other, to raise awareness about the benefit of a better nutrition. Farms host children and organize workshops in order for them to discover plants, gardening, compost, and educate themselves on the senses, the life cycle of the plants, their aromas, their nutritional quality, etc.

On January 18, Shanghai Wanli store welcomed a special event summarizing the 2017 highlights of One Store One School One Farm project. In the morning, Carrefour China CSR and NGOs teams met at a discussion Forum, to reassert their support to the project and elaborate the 2018 strategy. The second part of the day was organized around a Photo Exhibition. Daily customers of the store got an overview of the 2017 great achievements, through numerous stories and photos shared by Chinese schools involved in the project.