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Project : Huellas Solidarias

Huellas Solidarias (Supportive Tracks) is a Fundación Solidaridad Carrefour España (Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation) initiative in collaboration with the Fundación Bocalán (Bocalán Foundation) to raise funds for the training of assistance dogs to improve the quality of life of disabled children.

As part of this project, the “Once sueños buscan familias de acogida” (Eleven dreams seek host families) campaign to find volunteers was launched through Carrefour Life aimed at all Carrefour Spain employees.

We have employees at Carrefour Spain who take their social commitments very seriously and are especially aware of the needs of disabled children.

Eleven Carrefour Spain employees have already been selected on the basis of criteria stipulated by the Fundación Bocalán from among all the applications made to take charge of 11 Labrador puppies during their socialization stage (the first 8 months of their lives). In the future, these puppies will go on to become 11 assistance dogs trained to attend to the needs of 11 seriously disabled children.

This project has four main points:

1) “Socialisation” voluntary work – Once the puppy is weaned (at approximately two months) it is taken from its
mother and goes to stay with an employee host family (with which it will remain with for approximately eight months). During this phase
(supervised by the Fundación Bocalán), the puppy will get used to travelling by car or bus, being with children, going to the supermarket/hypermarket, being in places with a lot of people, being in the street, etc. In other words, it will get used to living in society.

2) Training - A multidisciplinary team will train the puppies for the Bocalán Foundation before they are handed over to families with disabled children.

3) Fund raising - The Carrefour Solidarity Foundation, together with the Toy Section of Bazaar Management, has created a line of cuddly toy dogs that are on sale in our stores the proceeds of which will go towards funding this project.

4) Great kindness and supportiveness. Last 18 June, we launched a call for volunteers “Once sueños buscan familias de acogida” (Eleven dreams seek host families) and we now know who the host families are. The puppies will be handed over soon to begin the socialization phase that will last until approximately April 2013 when the dogs will begin their training.

The project covers the puppy’s maintenance costs during the time it is with the host family (food and routine visits to the vet).

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