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Some Figures
Jan. 2008
Dec. 2018
€241 000
Granted in 2017
33 000
in 22 provinces
in Argentina
102 894 €
grant from the Fondation in 2015
Foundation CONIN

Prevention of malnutrition in Argentina

The Carrefour Foundation is keen to help share information about best practices to do with diet and so has been working with the Fundación Conin (Cooperadora de la Nutrición Infantil) since 2008 on tackling malnutrition and obesity in children.


This program was started after it was realised that in Argentina, one out of every three children starts the day without breakfast; 35 % of children under the age of two suffer from anaemia, while, at the opposite extreme, 33 % of children aged between 9 and 13 years consume more than 3 000 calories per day, or twice as much as their recommended daily intake. The programme aims both to promote a healthy and varied diet as well as to raise children's awareness of the need to take regular physical exercise.

With support from the Carrefour Foundation, the Conin Foundation has launched a program in schools to teach children – and their parents – about healthy eating practices. The programme brings together health professionals (doctors, dieticians and psychologists), teachers and civil society leaders, linking theory – raising awareness through games – and practice (sports, cookery classes, etc.)

Staff from Carrefour Argentina and the Conin Foundation, with support from the Carrefour Foundation, have been running an education program entitled “Sumando Voluntades para Alimentarse y Aprender” (Working Together for Healthier Eating). During Healthy Eating Month, a “Nutrimobile” funded by the Carrefour Foundation, covered over 20 000 km to talk to 33 000 children, run 500 workshops and promote more balanced eating habits in 136 schools in 22 provinces in Argentina.


A pediatric mobile unit also started to work out in the field in 2017, in rural and very remote areas. A medical, nutritious and psychomortic support is provided thanks to the 63 prevention centers involved in the programme. It also organizes workshops targeting mothers, to create job opportunities and awareness on health issues.

Last, but not least, Carrefour Argentina has offered its support by sponsoring schools near to its stores.


We chose the CONIN programme because it seemed to offer a positive response to the future of our children and, by working together, we can help make this a reality.

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