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Jan. 2011
Dec. 2011
7 million
8 million
textile items
Secours Populaire

Partner: Secours populaire français

Carrefour has been given a reward by the Secours populaire français which recently set up the "Solidarity partner club".

Carrefour is in fact one of the association's main partners and was presented with an award in recognition of its involvement in the Secours populaire’s solidarity campaigns and the active support it provides.

In 2011, Carrefour and Carrefour Market stores - together with the Supply Chain - donated the following to the Secours populaire français:
> 7 million meals (or equivalent) thanks to food donations provided on a daily basis
> nearly 8 million textile items.
> It also raised more than €280,000 through its Tinned Food Fair (via partner brands) to help the children of disadvantaged families who never get to go on holiday
> It collected more than 300,000 toys donated by its customers and raised €200,000 as part of its Solidarity Christmas campaign.

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