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Some Figures
Sep. 2012
Dec. 2016
1 500
children fed and enrolled
€99 900
Grant from the Foundation in 2017
€186 000
grant from the Foundation in 2016
€201 700
grant from the Foundation in 2015
€208 000
grant from the Foundation in 2014
beneficiaries of pictures books

OvidiuRo-Food - encouraging children to go to school

In Romania, one child in three does not go to a kindergarten or nursery school because their parents prefer them to work. In addition, 49% of Romaninan children are living in poverty, the highest rate in the European Union.

Founded in 2004, Ovidiu Ro is fighting against school leaving, abstenteeism and malnutrition that are affected unprivileged children living in rural cities in Romania. Ovidiuro has found a very simple way to tackle early absence from school – by encouraging parents to send their children to kindergarten in exchange for food vouchers. The results show that the strategy is working, with a sharp rise in attendance by children in the targeted areas, averaging 85% each day.

Today, around 1500 children are able to benefit from this innovative and supportive scheme. The involvement of the Carrefour Foundation, in terms of funding and human resources, together with the aid already being given by Carrefour Romania, will enable the work of the association to spread, ultimately reaching a goal of a further 15 000 food vouchers distributed to families, offering the children a better future.


In 2016, the Foundation donated up to 186 000 euros to the association in order to continue the program "Every Children to Nursery school" but also to enable it to launch an educational program, "Pofta de Carte", which aims at introducing to disadvantaged children the benefits of reading and being read to, and to raise awareness on  the importance of nutrition. Thus, workshops during which the children are read to have been set up to fight the inexistance of this practice in homes. These workshops take place in rural schools and the chosen books emphasize a healthy and balance diet.

Carrefour Romanie also participates by making 150 employees available to organize and participate in these workshops. The program involved 200 nursery schools, 500 participating professors and raises awareness for over 10 000 children.


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