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Our missions

Working every day alongside associations, the Carrefour Corporate Foundation has a mission of general interest at the international level for the transition to food solidarity. It thus conducts sponsorship programs in line with its business as a distributor in the countries where Carrefour operates.

With a budget of €6.7 million in 2018, the Carrefour Corporate Foundation financed 73 projects in 13 countries in 2018. Thanks to the Group's teams and their skills, the Foundation works to promote the food transition and make it accessible to all.

The quality of food and its accessibility are at the heart of the Carrefour Foundation's concerns. This is why it supports projects that contribute to the food transition for all. To meet its ambitions, the Foundation works along three main lines.

Support for the agricultural world

The Carrefour Foundation is committed to revaluing production and supporting producers towards more sustainable supply chain models. The Foundation supports structures that are involved at all stages of the agricultural supply chain, from seed selection to the production and marketing of products. Support for producers in converting to organic farming and financial support for investment projects are all ways of enhancing production. On the other hand, support for research or training is aimed at the emergence of technical solutions to promote a food transition at the international level.

The solidarity anti-gaspi

The Carrefour Foundation is committed to incubating and accelerating projects to enhance the value of downgraded food products. These products are revalued through solidarity-based processing projects or through optimized distribution to vulnerable populations through major food donation networks. The solidarity food transition also requires programs aimed at eating and consuming healthily.

Emergency assistance

The Foundation provides humanitarian assistance to people in emergency situations, including logistical support. To provide relief, it makes the Carrefour Group's expertise available to associations by transporting goods as quickly as possible to the areas where they are needed and to disaster areas.