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Nov. 2018
Nov. 2019
€20 000
Grant from the Carrefour Foundation in 2018
Ordre de Malte

The Order of Malta sets up a mobile social grocery store in Oise for the delivery of solidarity packages

The Order of Malta is a Catholic, hospital-based association founded in 1927. The association acts, in France and internationally in twenty-seven countries, to rescue, treat and support people made vulnerable by illness, disability, poverty or exclusion.

In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation is supporting the development of the Order of Malta's travelling social grocery store in Oise. The distribution of food parcels in rural municipalities makes it possible both to improve the food supply to the most vulnerable people and to improve social links in small villages. The itinerant social grocery store visits vulnerable and isolated families referred by village elected officials, social workers in the area and the French charity “Secours Catholique”. The itinerant social grocery store visits 150 beneficiaries ten months a year, the tour being entirely carried out by volunteers.

Following the constant increase in the number of beneficiary families, a new logistics vehicle, better adapted to the development of the activity, has become essential. The latter will make it possible to reach isolated families living in very rural areas.


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