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Feb. 2017
Feb. 2017
raised for cancer research

Oranges sales opeation for cancer reasearch

Carrefour and the FDAI (Firmato Dagli Agricoltori Italiani) support the AIRC (Ass. Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro) by launching a fund-raising operation for cancer research.

From February 16th to 19th 2017, 50 cents out of each 2kilos of oranges packages sold, has been donated to the association. The oranges of research resulted in the harvest of more than € 40,000 for a total of more than 80,000 nets sold at the 800 participating Carrefour stores in Italy.

For many years, the brand has supported the Italian cancer research association. Customers are always sensitive to solidarity initiatives and this year they have allowed the sale of around 2000 additional oranges nets. On the other hand, such a purchase also makes it possible to participate in the development of a major Italian agricultural sector. The oranges sold came from three associations of Sicilian producers, selected by the FDAI. The initiative is a fine example of how large-scale distribution can be positively involved in important social causes.

We are very satisfied with the result achieved this year, we exceeded the results of last year which were already satisfactory, and for this we have to attribute the merit to our customers, very sensitive to solidarity initiatives.

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