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Jan. 2015
Dec. 2018
€22 110
Donation of Carrefour Foundation
20 800
meals distributed in one year

Opening Ceremony of the new anti food waste “Koufu Kitchen” in Taiwan


The Chungwen women Association, based in Yunlin, works towards the implementation of food aid programs targeting deprived children and elderly people. Carrefour Foundation engaged with the association in 2015, to support access to sufficient food of quality to vulnerable populations of Taiwan.

February 1st, a new anti food waste kitchen opened its doors in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County in partnership with the Chungwan women association. Funded by the Carrefour Foundation, this project will contribute to improving the management of food products and reducing their waste.

Koufu Kitchen combines ugly fruits and vegetables from local markets, as well as vegetable cuttings and plants with unsold food from Carrefour Huwei and Douliu stores. They are transformed to prepare delicious meals then distributed to 300 beneficiaries, including isolated elders, disabled people and underprivileged children.

Yunlin County magistrate Chin-yung Li also attended this opening, and even introduced a letter of appreciation to Carrefour, in recognition of its outstanding contribution in preventing food waste in Taiwan.

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