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Nov. 2018
Nov. 2018
Granted by the Foundation

The "Noé" charity supports five national projects dedicated to the preservation of wild pollinators

To strengthen its actions in favour of the preservation of wild pollinators, Noé launched in May 2018, thanks to the support of the Carrefour Foundation, the call for projects "SOS wild pollinators". The objective was to provide assistance to local associations carrying out environmental restoration actions in favour of wild pollinators. The objective has been achieved, because with more than twenty applications received, Noé will be able to help carry out five projects throughout France.

Honeybees have an essential role in crop pollination, but they are not the only ones! We must not forget the approximately 1000 species of wild bees present in France and all the wild pollinators (bumblebees, butterflies, hoverflies, beetles...) which contribute massively to pollination. Indeed, 90% of the world's wild plants and more than three-quarters of the world's food crops, including almost all fruits and vegetables, depend on pollinators.

A recent report by a group of 15,000 scientists recently warned of a massive decline in biodiversity: more than 80% of flying insects have reportedly disappeared in 30 years in Europe. It is high time to act!

Five winning projects for wild pollinators

Whether in urban, agricultural or even forest areas, the projects submitted were varied and proposed actions to restore or create refuge areas for wild pollinators. In order to decide between the files, the jury composed of six experts (in entomology, agronomy or land use planning) met on October 15.

Despite the quality of the projects submitted, 5 projects from 5 associations stood out:

- Arthropologia for its merlons restoration project on 4 sites in the Lyon Metropolitan Area,

- The CPIE des Pays de l'Oise for its project of conservatory management in favour of remarkable species and their associated processions (bumblebees, gentian cruet and azure),

- The GAPAS association for its project to conserve and restore a 14 hectare area on the edge of the Lille metropolis,

- The association Liens d'abeilles for its project to install insect houses

- The Nord Nature Chico Mendès association for the restoration of a 10 ha park with meadows, orchards and fruit trees.

In the end, thanks to these projects, dozens of hectares will be restored, trees planted, a wide public made aware and many structures involved in favour of wild pollinators!


For more information : http://noe.org/

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