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MuCEM - raise people's awareness

Having made food a means of tackling exclusion, the Carrefour Foundation has joined forces with the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) in order to raise the general public's awareness of current and future food-related issues. As part of this initiative, the museum is organising discussions about food and the challenges associated with it. These will be structured into two programmes supported by Carrefour and its Foundation.

  • From 13 September to 18 October 2014: the MuCEM will be organising charity dinners in Marseille as part of the “Mix Food” cultural project. These will be organised in conjunction with associations from various neighbourhoods around the city and will be supported by local Carrefour stores and the Carrefour Foundation.
  • Then the "Food. Produce – Eat – Consume" exhibition opens on 29 October, sponsored by the Carrefour Foundation.


Inaugurated in 2013 to mark Marseille being designated the European Capital of Culture, the MuCEM’s purpose is to raise the public's awareness of issues to do with civilisation and society. Within the framework of the work it is doing in 10 countries to support food charities, the Carrefour Foundation has joined forces with the museum for one shared purpose: help the general public understand issues to do with the challenges raised by food and agriculture in the future.

Charity dinners in Marseille: food between art and culture

Developed around the universal theme of food, the exhibition is also the basis for a cultural project with a charity angle to it. “Mix Food”: food between art and culture” serves as a means for the MuCEM to raise awareness, the aim being to showcase the wealth of Mediterranean culinary heritage through the diversity of what Marseille has to offer. As part of this initiative, between 13 September and 18 October, picnics and dinners will be held every Saturday in a different Marseille neighbourhood (Noailles, Ste Marthe, St André and the Cayolle). On 18 October, the MuCEM will host a final dinner at Fort Saint-Jean and all attendees will be given a free ambassador pass for the FOOD exhibition.

The Carrefour Foundation is lending its support to the Mix Food programme with a €20,000 grant. This money will help four neighbourhood associations organise and stage dinners where Mediterranean dishes will be served and enjoyed, prepared by families with the support of local Carrefour and Carrefour Market stores.

The "Food. Produce – Eat – Consume" Exhibition

Between 29 October 2014 and 23 February 2015, the MuCEM will be hosting "Food. Produce – Eat – Consume", a contemporary art exhibition. More than 30 artists and filmmakers from all over the world will be showcasing the results of their reflections on various issues to do with food over an 850 m² area. These issues include climate change, farming products, inequality in the ease with which people have access to food, soil preservation and choosing foodstuffs, as well as the symbolic and political aspects of food. Among the artists whose work is on show, five plastics artists have created a series of original installations based on the museum's permanent collections. Their pieces will enter into a dialogue with the objects which recount centuries of culinary expertise that they have selected from the MuCEM’s permanent collections.

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