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Lulu dans ma rue

The “Lulu dans ma rue” project continues to grow, with the opening of four kiosks in Carrefour stores


On November 27, 2018, a “Lulu dans ma rue” kiosk was inaugurated in the Carrefour City store on Lacépède Street in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. According to Alexandre de Palmas, the Head of Carrefour Proximity, the main objective of Carrefour proximity stores is to serve their customers, not only by selling products but also by setting up shared libraries or opening stores for longer periods. “Lulu dans ma rue” is a perfect example of this commitment, offering customers a wide range of services.

It is at the Paris-Auteuil hypermarket in the 16th arrondissement that the first Lulu kiosk was created! The idea of a neighbourhood concierge service was born in 2014 from a double observation: sometimes we want small services nearby and that's just fine because there are also people around us who want to help and who need money! “Lulu dans ma rue” therefore aims to create economic activity accessible to all, in the field of small services, through a neighbourhood caretaker's office and with a view to reconciling social ties and diversity at the local level.

“Lulu dans ma rue” is a tool for social and professional integration for vulnerable and deprived people. This initiative creates social cohesion and encourages solidarity and neighbourhood life! “Lulu dans ma rue” concierge service thus offers the inhabitants of a district a new kind of service for cleaning, DIY, watering plants, transporting furniture or bulky objects... and many others!

Already established and effective in the districts of Saint Paul, Villiers, and Commerce, the concierge service of Lulu has therefore arrived in the Carrefour store in Paris-Auteuil from July 2017, to put optimism back at the center of daily life! Two other kiosks, at Carrefour City Vaugirard at the end of 2017 and recently at Carrefour Market Paris Sèvres in the fall of 2018.

The Carrefour Foundation has supported the initiative since its inception by allowing the financing of the first kiosk in the 4th arrondissement, then by working on a “Lulus” integration program in 2016 through the creation of support staff positions, all for €325,000. The opening of the four in-store kiosks also concretizes this support and aims to spread the Lulu concept in my street, a reintegration project and the creation of social ties at the heart of neighborhood life.

Contact: http://luludansmarue.org


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