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Some Figures
Jan. 2005
Dec. 2011
students taught to read and write in 2009 in 6 towns in 5 states of Brazil
teachers trained
€120 000
budget for 2010

Literacy program in Brazil

The Alfasol program aims to increase literacy levels among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The project aims to hold literacy classes for groups of 25 adults and young people at a time, who are not catered for by public education policies. It also trains local teachers.

The "Food Supplement" part of the program aims to provide a snack for the students, to help their concentration during the classes. Meanwhile, the "Seeing" part of the project offers eye tests to students and provides glasses for those who need them. Problems with eyesight are one of the major causes of school absenteeism.

Since 2005, the association, in partnership with the Carrefour Foundation, has already helped over 1525 students. Between 2008 and 2010, the Foundation awarded grants of € 360 000 to extend the program to four new communities in the state of Paraiba. These centres will be able to cater for 1230 pupils and employ 50 local teachers.


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