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“Les tremplins du coeur”-Tension in the retail sector

The structure, the “Tremplins des restaurants du cœur” carried out a study, conducted from January to June 2018, to establish an inventory and highlight the main recruitment difficulties in the retail sector.

Almost 80% of the stores that responded to the questionnaire have recruitment problems.


The study reveals that the professions most concerned by these recruitment difficulties are those related to the food industry, in particular those of butcher, baker, fishmonger, pastry chef, cheese maker and sausage maker. For these tense jobs, the recruitment period can be extended to twelve months.

According to the employers who replied, recruitment problems are largely due to the lack of suitability of candidates for these positions: the business framework did not take sufficient account of the evolution of these professions, particularly the commercial and customer relations aspects. Other obstacles are the lack of attractiveness of catering positions, salary levels and physical and time constraints.



Some suggestions were put forward in the context of this study by professionals; in particular, the improvement of communication on these professions through the amplification of the presence of mass distribution professions in trade fairs and job fairs, particularly for the youngest, and the implementation of national actions for schoolchildren and schoolchildren.

On the other hand, the orientation towards catering professions could be accentuated via employment institutions which could guide applicants towards a reconversion oriented towards jobs in tension. Stressed professions could be better promoted internally by offering discovery days or even immersions that will encourage professional reconversion while meeting the company's needs.


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