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Apr. 2017
Apr. 2018
45 000 €
Carrefour Foundation donation
154 000 tons
apples wasted

Les ReToqués : promoting solidarity snacks


Les ReToqués is a charity who is promoting healthy eating, which also involves a solidarity and responsible stream through the launching of new snacks. These snacks are made through the valorization of products that were not made to be sold, and the integration on the job market of marginalized people.

In France, more than 10% of the fruits and vegetables produced are not sold because they do not match the selling standards, omposed by the European Union. This represents 154 000 tons of apples unsold (source: Ademe, 2016).

Les ReToqués is an association that aims to promote good nutrition and healthy diet but also solidarity actions related to food through the launch of a snacks brand. The fruits and vegetables that are not the right shape or size are bought from farmers, who would otherwise have to throw them away.

Les Retoqués is therefore acting to fight food waste, alongside offering a complementary and certain income to the farmers. Furthermore, the snacks are made by marginalized people, who have been unemployed for a long amount of time. The Carrefour Foundation is proud to be working alongside this charity who fights food waste, promotes social inclusion and brings a support income to farmers.

For more information: http://lesretoques.strikingly.com/

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