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May. 2016
May. 2017
104 449€
donation from the Foundation
192 000
Meals served per year

Launch of the first anti-waste restaurant of Taiwan!

The Carrefour Foundation renews its partnership with Jenjishiang association

Jen Ji Shiang Social Service Association, based in Taiwan in the districts of Zhongzhen and Wenhua, fights against exclusion in the most deprived areas of Taipei in which more than 30% of families live below the poverty line.

In 2016, the Carrefour Foundation fhas funded:
  1. A refrigerated vehicle for the collection, the transport and the redistribution of fresh produces. The project forecasts 190 beneficiaries per month in Taiwan and 192,000 distributed meals per year. The Foundation fully supports the purchase of the vehicle.

  2. The first “no waste” restaurant in Taiwan, using unsold food supplies collected from distributors and wholesale partners to create menus. 20 unprivileged young people will also be trained in the restaurant

On September 5th Carrefour Foundation, together with Taiwan Foundation and Jenjishiang association, launched the very first "anti-waste restaurant "in Taiwan.

This antigaspi restaurant is located in Wanhua district in Taipei, which is a relatively disadvantaged community, with over 300 households living below the poverty line. In this restaurant, all food supplies will come from surplus and unsold food, especially from Carrefour stores, which is the first retailer to donate un-sold food in Taiwan.

In front of the restaurant, there is a "Community Share Fridge",allowing anyone in need to take food from it.

Carrefour Foundation will co-work with several food bank associations to reduce food waste. "End Hunger, Zero Waste" is our ultimate goal.

Since September 2016, we have served 13,500 meals to 750 families. The Carrefour Foundation's support has enabled us to help over 300 families in difficulty.

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