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Oct. 2015
Oct. 2017
60 673 €
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future trainees

Launch of the Black Kids Coffee Shop

The Carrefour Foundation Black Kids Coffee Shop, a restaurant for young people to learn new skills and build a future.


In Taiwan, the Black Kids Coffee shop offers the opportunity for a group of young people from disadvantage families to have the right frame to develop competencies and build their future.

Since 2011, Carrefour Taiwan works closely with their partner NGO, the Taitung Kids Foundation. The latter has launched a series of programs to develop diverse work skills for these young people including baking, fast food, waitressing, working in a kitchen, coffee making... The young people will be able to many skills in the food industry, but also learn how to manage a restaurant (various activities, hygiene, selecting the products, logistics, financial aspect, HR..) In order to launch this program, the black coffee kids took up the challenge to build their own restaurant, using charred wood.

In February 2017, after a year of hard work, the official opening took place !

The Carrefour Foundation is a partner of this association for the last two years.

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