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Oct. 2015
Oct. 2015
42 million
meals donated and redistributed last year
Food Banks

Launch of the 3rd international collection campaign for Food Banks

In the run-up to World Food Day, the Carrefour Foundation is launching its third international food collection campaign with support from the European Food Bank Federation and The Global FoodBanking Network. Teams from some 2000 stores will be involved in the project which will run for nearly 2 months across 10 countries: Taiwan, then Romania, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, China, Poland, Brazil and finally Belgium. Employees, customers and volunteers will all be drawing on their resources and focusing on helping the world's poorest people. Their target will be to beat last year's result – the equivalent of 42 million meals donated and then redistributed to local branches of Food Banks.

From Taipei to São Paulo – nearly 2000 Carrefour stores are getting involved in 10 different countries

The collection will commence in Carrefour Taiwan on World Food Day, and will run until December. Collections will then get under way in Romania on 23 November, with France, Italy, Argentina and China following suite on 27 and 28 November. The campaign will then run in Carrefour Poland from 4 to 6 December, before Carrefour Brazil on 5 December and then Carrefour Belgium from 11 to 13 December.

In stores, several hundred volunteer Carrefour employees will be working out in the field, lending their support to Food Bank workers and helping to raise customers' awareness, as well as receiving and sorting the various products donated. The foodstuffs collected at store checkouts will then be redirected to Food Bank warehouses for redistribution to various associations set up to help people in need.

In addition to this campaign, food is being donated from stores every day – the equivalent of 89 million meals are donated and then redistributed to food aid organisations throughout the world.

Carrefour has been a partner of the Food Banks every day since 1994. Indeed, alongside these collection campaigns, Carrefour also donates foodstuffs to various associations on a daily basis – fresh products in France in particular, as well as in Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, etc. The equivalent of 89 million meals was distributed in 2014 throughout the world, making Carrefour the leading private donor to Food Banks in France.

Giving effectivily: logistics support and a skills sponsorship programme

The Carrefour Foundation also provides the Food Banks with logistics support: it cofinances vehicles for transporting products – including fresh goods – and cold rooms for storing them. In 2015, a donation of €209,000 contributed to the purchase of 11 vehicles and 5 cold rooms in France. Since 1994, Carrefour has funded the purchase of 215 facilities for the Food Banks throughout the world. These include153 refrigerated vehicles, 31 cold rooms and cold cabinets.

The retailer also draws on its core business, sharing its logistics expertise: Carrefour France's Supply Chain Division works alongside teams from the Food Banks through a skills sponsorship programme. The aim is to optimise the way in which warehouses are managed and orders prepared.


About the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA)

The European Federation of Food Banks, founded in 1986, comprises 264 food banks in 22 European countries. In 2014, the member food banks distributed some 411 000 tonnes of foodstuffs, equivalent to 822 million meals, to 5,9 million people in partnership with 33,000 nonprofit organisations and welfare centres. For more information, visit www.eurofoodbank.org/

About Global FoodBanking Network (GFN)

The Global FoodBanking Network is a global non-governmental organization that works to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste by creating, supporting and developing food banks and food bank networks around the world. GFN works in 34 countries, home to more than one third of the world’s undernourished people.The GFN network represents 750 food banks. For more information, visit www.foodbanking.org/

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