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Nov. 2018
Nov. 2018
€877 826
Granted in total by Carrefour Foundation

Launch of the 34th campaign of the “Restaurants du Coeur”

On November 27, the 34th campaign of the "Restaurants du Cœur" was launched. During the last campaign, "Les Restos du Cœur" welcomed 860,000 people and distributed nearly 130 million meals. 

The food aid provided by the association is a first step towards the inclusion and sustainable integration of people. The "Restos" maintain social cohesion on a daily basis and restore confidence to the most disadvantaged, thanks to the link created with volunteers, 72,000 being present through the association's 2027 centres. For the 34th campaign, the objective of the "Restaurants du Cœur" is to improve the quality of food donations and defend a European plan to fight poverty.


The Carrefour Foundation is an important partner of the “Restaurants du Cœur”, through the co-financing of refrigerated vehicles and cold rooms and the support of various food aid projects.

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