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Jun. 2016
Nov. 2019
€46 400
total grant from the Carrefour Foundation

"L'Arche" is working for people with disabilities across France

Les Amis de l'Arche Foundation’s purpose is to create sharing places for people with mental disabilities and their accompanying persons. The Ark gathers 33 communities in France with 1200 people accompanied and more than 147 other communities in 35 countries.

Since 2012, the city of Toulouse’s Ark allows 50 persons to have their own place in the society, by making friends with others and by having a professional activity, thanks to three hostels, a day center, a Work Integration Social Enterprise (WISE) and an alternative place of residence for adults with disabilities who are isolated and without an accompanying solution. The beneficiaries work in the day center and in the WISE (composed of an organic market gardening program, industrial and administrative subcontracting jobs and a Restaurant).

The Ark’s restaurant in the Toulouse region, called "L'étoile du Verger", hires 6 unvalid workers for meal preparation and indoor service. They welcome about 90 people a day, and because of this success, they want to expand the restaurant’s space in order to be able to serve between 110 and 120 people per day, which is about thirty additional place settings. Opening on weekdays and offering a unique menu, the restaurant wants to create a new independent and versatile room, intended to enlarge the restaurant as well as to become a private space and/or a tea room, and also a break room. This new venue should significantly increase the turnover of "L'étoile du Verger". The Carrefour Foundation has contributed € 20,000 to the Ark for the implementation of this project, in order to encourage this solidarity-based and viable economic model that employs people who are far from employment while honoring the level 1 certification that certifies a minimum waste and the use of at least 10% of organic and local products.

The new room was inaugurated in November 2018.


In 2018, the Foundation is supporting “L'Arche” to build a tasting room and a kitchen in two communities. In the area of the Anjou, “L'Arche” supports people with mental disabilities through a shared life and work in rural and wine-growing areas. Today, the thirty-four people welcomed cultivate 25 hectares of vines in organic farming. The Foundation's support will make it possible to build a new 30m2 space dedicated to the presentation and sale of organic wines. This new space will encourage meetings, shopping as well as welcoming the visitors.

In Aigrefoin, the community is structured around workshops in the market garden that allow 2 hectares of varied vegetables, fruits and flowers from organic farming to be cultivated.  L'Arche Aigrefoin aims to build a professional community kitchen to prepare lunch for the guests and jam and preserves from products from the market garden to be sold in the ESAT shop.

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