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Mar. 2015
Mar. 2016
€9 000
donation of the Carrefour Foundation in 2015

JNI - Financing of a snack car


Created in 2008, JNI (Jeunesse Nazaréenne Internationale) mission was to provide administrative assistance to the poor in need. The association has adapted itself to the needs of beneficiaries, and therefore decided to bring them a food aid, which is now the main activity of the association.

Today the organization is present in the Goutte d'Or and Château-Rouge areas of Paris, where the population is precarious. Thanks to 3 refrigerated trucks financed by the members of the association, JNI operates food collection in 16 Market Carrefour in 17th and 18th districts as well as in the Hauts-de-Seine, allowing it to distribute food parcels twice a week to nearly 90 families.

The Carrefour Foundation wished to support JNI to finance a second-hand snackcar in order to be able to:

  • Continue distributing non-sold products in the evening;
  • Reach new beneficiaries by being mobile.


They can now go on the crossing points of SamuSocial and distribute soups, sandwiches, salads, pizzas and hot dishes prepared by the volunteers for the met beneficiaries.

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