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Some Figures
Feb. 2016
Feb. 2017
97 675€
donation from the Foundation
36 employees
in the professional intergration program
meals served every day
Les Restos du Coeur

An integration restaurant with the “Restos du Coeur”

Since 2010, Carrefour actively helps the “Restos du Coeur”. In fact, some Carrefour stores offer every day their unsold food items to the association, and the Carrefour Foundation has already supported the structure several times.

The “Restos du Coeur” manages 101 “integration project workshops” in France that help the reintegration in the “standard” labor market. 193 employees were supported during 2014-2015.

The restaurant is located near Saint-Brieuc (22) and that allows to gather in a same building the head of the departmental association, a laundry and the integration restaurant. Beneficiaries are able to test several positions (cooks, waiters, cleaning agent) according to their wishes, professional projects and capabilities. The meals are prepared with fresh, local and seasonal products.

The self-service restaurant will be open to two target groups (social or standard) with flexible prices according to the profile. This helps to fight against stigmatization and therefore strengthen the social cohesion of the population in this territory.
The construction is fully fund by the town but the financial support of the Foundation is required to equip the kitchen and the restaurant’s room.


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