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Some Figures
Jan. 2010
Dec. 2012
1 450
children are benefiting from the project
€ 150 000
grant from Carrefour Foundation in 2011
Foundation Mereu Aproape
Carrefour Roumania

Helping flood victims in Romania with Mereu Aproape

The Carrefour Foundation is offering its support to the Mereu Aproape (“Almost Ready”) association to help children who were victims of the flooding in June 2010.

Carrefour Romania and the Mereu Aproape Foundation have already been working together for three years on solidarity projects. Last year, their joint efforts on the “Water passes on, Romania remains standing” program, meant that they could be the first on the scene in places affected by the flooding. Carrefour donated 24 million tonnes of food products to the victims, and its staff got together to ensure that the food was distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 2010, the Carrefour Foundation decided to support the association in its new project, “Let me Learn”, which aims to help children from families affected by the flooding in June 2012 in several different departments. The association proposes to help them through donations of food and by enabling them to return to school by providing educational materials when school starts again in September.




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