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Some Figures
Jan. 2012
Jan. 2014
240 000
meals distributed
youth beneficiaries
€301 050
grant in 2013
€365 550
grant from Carrefour Foundation in 2012

Help disadvantaged children with Caritas Pologne

Caritas has been present in Poland since 1989, providing meals in its day centres to thousands of poor children across the country.

Its collaboration with the Carrefour Foundation aims to offer healthy and balanced food for all. The Carrefour Foundation supports the daily distribution of meals in 42 centres run by Caritas in 30 Polish towns for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2012, the work of teams from 32 Carrefour stores enabled the Foundation to distribute 234 000 meals to 1 200 children.


In Poland, about 70 000 children only eat one meal a day! The Carrefour Foundation has been funding our day centres since 2011, so that children can eat a balanced meal every day. There are strong links between our centres and Carrefour stores, through the food donations funded by the Foundation and the regular gifts and donations of school materials for children offered by the stores.

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