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Feb. 2014
Dec. 2018
€23 500
funding of the Carrefour Foundation in 2017
€30 000
funding of the Carrefour Foundation in 2014
230 000
deprived people beneficiaries
Goods to Give

Goods to Give redistributes non-food products

Founded in 2012, Goods to Give (G2G) aims at collecting unsold and new basic goods of the industrial world in order to redistribute it to deprived people in Belgium, thanks to a charities network and a web platform. G2G is complementary with the Food Banks as they work with non-food products.


Goods to Give won the ASHOKA IMPACT prize in 2013 for the co creation, which underlines the efficiency of such a partnership between the industrial sector and the charity world. By combining 3 different areas of intervention, G2G is responding to the current issues of a sustainable development:

  • Social by giving access to basic needs for unprivileged people
  • Economical by offering a flexible, transparent and adequate solution to the management of unsold goods in the industry. It represents a concrete saving on storage and disposal costs.
  • Environmental by fighting against industrial waste, useless use of first raw materials and CO2 emissions linked with their incineration.


The charity counts 270 social partners in Belgium and the objective for the year to come is to support 230 000 deprived or excluded people.

The financial support of the Foundation will participate in the development of partnerships, communication and the sourcing of products. 


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