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Some Figures
Feb. 2016
Dec. 2017
1 600
young people trained
Over 163 000€
for trainig programs and microentrepreneurship
Over 288 000€
for the creation of RefettoRIO

Gastromotiva launches ReffetoRio, first social canteen to use surplus food

For the third time, the Foundation supports Gastromotiva in Brazil to help talented persons in difficulty to receive professional training in the restaurant trade !

Gastromotiva is an organization founded to spread the potential, power and responsibility of gastronomy as a change agent, able to connect people, develop communities and deploy social projects, setting up the Social Gastronomy Movement. The Association aims at adressing social inequity and transform the lives of Brazil's youth by preparing the, for a career in the culinary industry.

After two successful parternerships in 2015 and 2016 regarding the launch of a training program for young people from favelas in order for them to obtain employement in the food and catering trade but also accompagning them in the creation of small catering companies.

In Brazil, 16 million people still live below the poverty line and there are more than 1,8 million homeless people. Less than a quarter of the Brazilian cities set up policies to help them.

In 2016, Rio will welcome more than 10 500 athletes of 205 countries, who will be accommodated in 4 404 "reception centers" around the city. Several points of catering are planned for all the participants (athletes, staff, public). 14 million meals are expected to be served.

During the day, the restaurant will offer a selection of dishes based on collected and transformed ingredients. The weekend, workshops in order to raise awareness will be organized. Events such as classes on how to reduce food waste will take place in the premises with the help of nutritionists. Around noon, the restaurant will work as a traditional restaurant, whereas, in the evening, it will become a social canteen. Thus, this will guarantee a certain economical self-sufficiency to the project.

The Foundation is proud to support such an innovative project both regarding food waste and social inclusion.

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